Лилия Самолюк

I am pleased to write a reference for my beloved courses:

“I am convinced that, the BEC perfectly suit the needs of the working graduates wish to study further without parting with their current jobs.

These courses proved to be interesting and educationally effective thanks to engrossing exercises and information taken from a real life in financial world.

Moreover, it contributes both to the understanding and performing skill development and is extremely detailed about peculiarities of any job in finance.

In addition, I have found our teacher very dedicated and positive person. She maintained a level of efficiency that was fueled by her obvious work ethic and her professional concern for her students’ progress.  No time was wasted in her class and during the Skype lessons.

To summarise, the ICFI courses are a wonderful opportunity for the working professionals who want to enhance their current skill sets and rise in their own areas of expertise. ”

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