Practical Financial English

Practical Financial English

420.00 грн.

A popular financial English course at an affordable price. Teaches professional communication in English on accounting and finance topics.

You will quickly memorize over 500 financial terms and colloquial expressions with interesting business examples and fun exercises. The textbook will prepare you for working with international clients and training on professional programs (ACCA, CIMA) in English.

At the end of the textbook there are keys to tasks and a vocabulary of active conversational financial vocabulary.



Volume: 62 pages
Binding: soft
Color: multicolored pastel
Language: English and Russian
Keys to quests: +
Dictionary: +

The textbook prepares the modern accountant for the main challenges of the time:

  • Prepare for an interview quickly – important English words and phrases to describe the responsibilities of an accountant, auditor, economist, tax advisors.
  • Understand the terminology of financial statements.
  • Learn 12 words of tax accounting – with them you can provide tax advice in professional English for any country.
  • Navigate the types of fraud and comment on the actions of the auditor.
  • Prepare for negotiations to improve the company’s cash position.

With fun exercises, you will quickly memorize over half a thousand words of financial vocabulary. Language stress will go away forever, and the topic of finance will become a pleasant part of your communication in English.

You can study independently or in a group according to the program “Financial English – Basic Course”.


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