Online Simulator (3 months)


Online Simulator (3 months)

420.00 грн.

Excellent online resource for memorizing words.

Teaches business and finance vocabulary. All words are grouped by topic and only you can adjust the direction and speed of learning.

Made in the form of modern gaming technology. While having fun, you discreetly memorize hundreds of words and track your learning progress with numerous tests.

Includes an online dictionary with vivid and memorable examples, training exercises, audio and video materials, tests.



Volume: over 8 thousand words and expressions
Language: English and Russian
Exercises: +
Tests: +
Dictionary: +
Audio: +
Video: +

The online simulator is a great helper if you need:

  • quickly prepare for the meeting and remember important vocabulary on topics: finance, investment, marketing, human resources, international trade, IT technology, management, etc.
  • learn vocabulary on a new topic
  • usefully spend time on the road
  • learn to develop listening comprehension
  • become a member of the prestigious professional English club

Subscription is made directly on the website The first two days of working with the resource are FREE. In the online simulator, learn new words, listen to sentences, practice translation, insert words into suitable sentences, play a vocabulary sprint, write down by ear, compose sentences. You regulate the concentration and intensity of the classes yourself.

Thanks to multiple repetitions and tests – the excellent outcome is guaranteed!


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