Online Platform (3 months)


Online Platform (3 months)

1630.00 грн.



Volume: понад 2 тисячі сучасних слів і виразів фінансової лексики
Language: англійська, українська та російська
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The online platform is a great helper if you need to:

  • quickly prepare for the meeting and refresh the key vocabulary on the topics: finance, balance sheet items, income statement, investments, taxes, trends, audit reports, banking, etc.
  • learn vocabulary on a new topic
  • efficiently spend time on the road
  • learn to listen to the English speech effectively
  • become a member of a prestigious professional English club

Check out the demo version for FREE! Learn and immediately practice 38 words from Unit-01 Job Interview for Finance playing captivating games

In the Tests tab – check how quickly and accurately you have memorized them!

If you have forgotten the grammar, click the Grammar tab and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

If you are tired, go to the Materials and watch general English tutorials.

Access to the full version is here! It contains 8 textbooks with over 2,000 financial terms and modern expressions

  • Finance: Analysis,
  • Finance: Audit,
  • Finance: Banking,
  • Finance: Basics,
  • Finance: Budget,
  • Finance: Investment,
  • Finance: Job Interview,
  • Finance: Taxation

After you pay, you get access to all textbooks on Finance at once.

To quickly understand the material, twice a week you will get links to 2-3 units of textbooks and relevant tests. Our teachers have developed a vocabulary learning sequence so that you memorize it as effectively as possible.

You can practice according to your schedule as well! You control the choice of topics and the pace of learning. Choose the textbook and learn the words, practice them in game exercises and check them up in tests. You manage the concentration and intensity of the classes yourself.

Great online resource for memorizing words.

Learn business and finance vocabulary. All the words are grouped by topics so that only you can adjust the direction and speed of learning.

Modern gaming technologies will help you remember words easily and for a long time. As you entertain yourself, you literally memorize hundreds of terms and track your learning progress with numerous tests.

You have an online dictionary with vivid and memorable examples, training exercises, audio and video materials, tests.

Multiple tasks, tests and our control over your study will ensure prompt results!


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