English for HR Managers

Practical Business English program for work with international teams. Teaches accurate English vocabulary for job interviews, performance appraisal. The practice of motivating employees of international companies, negotiating with employees.

Everything that an HR manager of an international company should be able to talk about.

The program is suitable:

for HR managers of international companies,

for those who manage teams

for anyone who wants to communicate about business in English

Many managers lack persuasiveness because of English, and during job interviews and negotiation with personnel miscommunicated opinions can lead to disasters!


Professional communication in Business English gives confidence and strengthens positions in meetings with staff and candidates for the job.

We have gathered everything you need and structured it in the English for HR Managers program.

It is for busy managers:

Everything you need to communicate about business in a global business at a convenient time and on a convenient schedule.

What do you study?

  • Working Life: responsibilities, interests, networking
  • Work-Life balance: work time, work environment
  • Facilities: place of work, making recommendations
  • Guests and Visitors: business travel, cultural differences, entertaining
  • Performance: performance appraisals, setting objectives
  • Writing a job description/Biodata
  • Motivation: encouraging conversations, motivational vocabulary
  • Employees: requests, making negotiations
  • Performance: staff appraisal, raising difficult issues
  • Ethical business: talking about the future
  • Career breaks: put forward a case
  • A formal proposal

What do you get as a result?

Professional English international projects: accurate vocabulary and practice of communication in challenging situations with colleagues from different countries.


на профессиональном английском на любые темы бизнеса


international partners on the market and company situation


promptly letters and reports on important business topics

Can I study at this program if I am not always a confident English speaker?

Sure! Of course.

You can start studying at Intermediate level.

This is a professionally designed program with a system of related topics and exercises.

Even if you can’t complete all the tasks 100%, the very atmosphere of classes will make you communicate and memorize a lot of business vocabulary, expressions and language structures.

So, the result of the growth of your Business English is guaranteed!

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of 2 courses.

  • Daily cases
  • Team Communication
  • Key business terms and practical grammar
  • Topics: Clients, Projects, Deadlines
  • Professional cases
  • communication on top positions
  • Confident communication in negotiations and meetings
  • Topics: International Business, Projects, Team

The courses vary in topics and English language level. Choose any COURSE and enhance your Business English.


Everyone who studies says that in addition to Business English, they learn a lot about international business and finance systems. More reviews on our Facebook page here.


International companies are willing to pay almost twice as much for the work of specialists.

You just need to improve your Business English.

Register, study and accelerate your career take-off!