English for bankers

Specialized Program on communication on Finance and Banking in English.

It teaches accurate financial terminology, trains consulting skills in English, provides ready-made templates for letters and reports, prepares for training at CIMA, ACCA.

The program is suitable:

for Bankers,

for those who want to study at ACCA, CIMA,

for all who want to communicate about finance in English

For 75% of bankers there is a lack of persuasiveness because of English, and during business meetings miscommunicated opinions can lead to disasters!


Financial English practice in professional communication both ensures confidence and strengthens positions in negotiations with clients and business owners.

It is for busy professionals:

Everything you need to communicate about finances in an international company at a convenient time and on a convenient schedule.

More than 5,000 bankers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltics, and Poland have already gained their Financial English expertise with this program.

What topics are being studied?

  • Terminology of the Financial Statements: understanding the financial position of companies-client
  • Change on the Market: ways to finance the business
  • Equity Financing: ways to use cash efficiently
  • External debt financing: lending, lines of credit, overdraft
  • Ratio Analysis: advanced vocabulary
  • Start-Ups: financial reasons for failure
  • Growing Pains: financial pitfalls at the growing stage of the business
  • Summarizing diverse opinions in a brief message
  • Horizontal analysis: trends
  • Cash Flow issues – 5 cases to resolve
  • Factoring debts: pros and cons

What it the output?

You will:

  • advise business clients, owners on banking lending services and financing issues
  • confidently participate in the discussion on cash flow management issues in meetings with business partners thanks to the knowledge of professional vocabulary
  • write letters of requests, letters of advice and reports on the meeting outcome, summarize opinions.
  • apply linking words properly in accordance with international standards
  • have a good understanding of complex grammatical structures
  • communicate on modern business topics using accurate professional vocabulary


in professional English on any topic of Finance


international partners on financial position and management decisions


promptly letters and reports on Finance and at ACCA, CIMA exams

Can I study at this program if I am not always confident English speaker?

Sure! Of course.

You can start studying at Intermediate level.

This is a professionally designed program with a system of related topics and exercises.

Even if you can’t complete all the tasks 100%, the very atmosphere of classes will make you communicate and memorize a lot of financial expressions and language structures.

So, the result of the growth of your Financial English is guaranteed!

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of 3 courses.

  • Daily cases
  • Teaches communication on operations
  • Basic terms and practical grammar
  • Topics: Finalization, Interview, IFRS, Taxes, Audit
  • Professional cases
  • Teaches communication at top positions
  • Prepares for training on ACCA
  • Topics: financial analysis, results, liquidity
  • Management cases
  • Teaches communication at top positions
  • Prepares for studying at CIMA
  • Topics: Budget, Risks, Cost, Teambuilding

Each course consists of 3 modules

Choose any COURSE or any MODULE.

What does NOT the program include?

  • There will be NO memorization of terms. All financial expressions, reports will be studied only on the basis of real cases.
  • There will be NO unnecessary or inapplicable topics in the market. For example, stock exchange operations, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, etc. These topics are very important, but we teach them only on request.

Who is the teacher?

Olena Pererva is an expert in modern financial terminology.

Author of many financial English programs, Founder of FBE School.

Elena understands not only how to teach English, but also is well versed in finance, accounting and auditing. This is a very rare expertise. More about the teacher here and on the Facebook page.


Everyone who studies says that in addition to Financial English, they learn a lot about international business and finance systems. More reviews on our Facebook page here.


The average salary of a bank officers in Ukraine is only 20000 – 25000 UAH.

International companies are willing to pay almost twice as much for the work of accountants.

All you need to do is to improve your Financial English.

Register, study and accelerate your career take-off!