Speaking Club

Speaking Club

Speaking Club

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Every Saturday from 14.00 to 15.30

23.Jan Social media impact: Is there a danger in social media life? How does it impact our life and future? How far is the digitalisation safe?
30.Jan Meat eaters vs vegetarians: whose lifestyle is healthier?
06.Feb Non-renewable energy vs alternative sources of future – what to fuel our life with?
13.Feb Packaging issues – waste or comfort?
20.Feb Space exploration: waste of money or future investment?
27.Feb Gambling: legalize or prohibit?
06.March Sleep and productivity – how much sleep do you need?
13.March Critical thinking – what is that?
20.March Job burnout and how to deal with it
27.March Storytelling in business – does it work?
03.April Hacking creativity – can anyone be creative?
10.April Digital minimalism – what is that?
17.April Conspiracy theories – what are they?
24.April Sharing economy pros and cons



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