Financial Liquidity Professional Course – Module 3

Financial Liquidity Professional Course – Module 3

Financial Liquidity Professional Course – Module 3

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Financial analysis of the company’s Cash Flow Statement

  • If you wish to quickly prepare for the English-language programs ACCA, CIMA
  • If you wish to participate in negotiations on the liquidity of the company
  • If you wish to raise your professional English level to the Advanced level


  • you can only spend 1 – 1.5 months for study
  • not ready to take the whole course right away

This program is for you

In this module, you will:

  • know the accurate meaning of terminology of the cash flow statement in English
  • advise international colleagues and partners on the company’s solvency for international colleagues and partners
  • study audio cases to select the right strategy for collecting accounts receivable
  • case of debt factoring – pros and cons
  • persuasive communication tools – language elements that influence the second party’s decision making
  • letters of credit and cooperation with international partners
  • learn how to correctly form written answers in English on exams ACCA, CIMA
Language Level


  • Cash flow statement terminology
  • Receivables collection reminder letters
  • Factoring
  • Letter of credit
  • Reporting with elements of persuasion
  • Word formation, Advanced grammar

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