Financial English – Basic Course

Financial English – Basic Course

Financial English – Basic Course

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The successful career abroad or in an international company requires ACCA, CIMA qualification of accountants, auditors and finance professionals. However, the low level of knowledge of English often hinders this opportunity. Our courses will help you quickly learn the language and be confident in your professional skills!

You can even start training at the Pre-Intermediate level.

After the course, you will be able to:

  • take successful job interviews in English;
  • know and properly apply financial terminology in writing and video-conferencing;
  • understand and do analysis of financial statements;
  • master Finance relevant grammar.
  • Knowledge of financial English vocabulary will help you quickly gain credibility in the business community. You can always negotiate deals, take part in business meetings confidently discussing finance related issues and proving your high level of expertise.

Get ready quickly for ACCA, CIMA programs

The program “Financial English – Basic Course” includes comprehensive training:

  • Vocabulary based on ACCA, CIMA words.
  • Grammar for confident speaking.
  • Speaking Financial English that helps you feel comfortable in talks with English-speaking professionals.
  • Writing business correspondence quickly and efficiently, drawing up reports, filling out documentation.

A convenient training format will help you complete a full course while being at work and even in another country, get a certificate and start a new promising career!





May 13 – July 29

Monday + Thursday (19.00-20.30)

Course Topics
  • Accountancy profession: responsibilities and qualifications
  • Financial statements and ratios
  • Tax accounting
  • Audit
  • Management Accounting

Zoom training

If you do not live in Kiev – join via Zoom!


As a gift – 4 months of training with an online simulator!


  1. Job instructions

    You learn names of positions in the field of finance, accounting and audit in different countries, their responsibilities and qualifications
  2. You train the vocabulary of the previous lesson in cases so that you remember it for a long time. We connect important elements of grammar - non-continuous verbs (special cases)
  3. Advise clients, partners and company management - important words that are hidden in accounting principles. We remember, study and train them in exercises
  4. Letter of Advice

    You study the rules of letters of advice, learn the secrets of effective advice on financial issues. First Conditional - an important grammar for working with decision trees
  5. Accounting manipulation

    Do you know accounting slang - cooking the books, creative accounting, window dressing, etc.? We read, listen - study various cases of international companies
  6. Grammar of reports

    Elements of financial analysis - grammatical tenses Present Perfect or Past Simple.
  7. Analyzing balance sheet items - what happened in the company? You train vocabulary in interactive exercises
  8. Financial ratios

    You memorize important vocabulary of financial analysis
  9. An inquiry

    You draw up letters of request for financial information, advice on balance sheet items
  10. Auditor's work

    Internal and external auditor responsibilities - important vocabulary
  11. Audit stages

    Organization of meetings - grammar of the future tense Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future Continuous, Future Simple
  12. Fraud

    Fraud in companies - cases and vocabulary training in interactive exercises
  13. Letter of clarification

    Business Correspondence - Communication of Internal Control Procedures Processes

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