Business English – BEC Vantage 1

Business English – BEC Vantage 1

Business English – BEC Vantage 1

After completing our courses and passing the exam at the language center, the graduates are awarded with a certificate from the University of Cambridge in Business Vantage. With such a document you can easily get a job in an global company. The prestige and qualification of training have been proven by many of our graduates who are now successfully doing business abroad.

What gives BEC Vantage:

  • understand English in a challenging business communication;
  • have a confident position at the negotiations;
  • correspond and complete business documents;
  • read business news, express your own opinion.

Why Cambridge English Business Vantage:

If you dream working in the largest global companies, talk to native English speakers on an equal footing, discuss the latest business news in English and be in demand in the foreign business industry market, then this course is for you!

Quickly and cost-efficiently you will be able to master the necessary language skills and feel confident in negotiations or interviews. In addition, the certificate of completion of our courses gives you the benefits of enrolling in advanced training courses in foreign educational institutions.




September, 06 – December, 15

Monday + Wednesday day (19.30-21.00)

Course topics
  • Corporate Culture
  • Customer Support
  • Products and Packaging
  • Careers
  • Making deals
  • Company and Community
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • International trade

The cost of educational materials is 450 hryvnias.

ZOOM training

ZOOM training

If you do not live in Kiev – join via ZOOM!


As a gift – 4 months of training with an online simulator!


  1. Case

    Discussion, reading, listening and writing related to counselling and giving advice
  2. Grammar

    Asking questions and giving instructions
  3. Case

    Discussion, reading, listening and presentation related to a customer service centre in Scotland
  4. Packaging

    Discussion: Packaging an electronic toy
  5. Measurements

    Product description Expressions for product presentations
  6. Grammar

    Relative clauses, articles and noun combinations Relative clauses A/an, the and no article Noun combinations
  7. Case

    Discussion, reading, listening and presentation related to a Hong Kong fast food chain
  8. Career

    Discussion: Managing your career
  9. Skills and qualities

    Careers, personal skills and Qualities, Job benefits, Recruitment and employment verbs
  10. Grammar

    Present tenses Present simple, present continuous Present perfect, present perfect continuous
  11. Case

    Gap years and career breaks
  12. Sales

    Discussion: Social media and shopping
  13. Grammar

    Conditionals and recommendations If + present simple + will If + past simple + would Recommend, advise, suggest
  14. Case

    A proposal Expressions for bargaining and making Analysis: structure of a proposal offers Language focus: options and Roleplay: a negotiation contingencies
  15. Meetings

    Ethical behaviour and social performance Meetings expressions Adjectives for talking about ethics CSR collocations
  16. Grammar

    The passive and reported speech
  17. Integration

    Risks and opportunities in M&A
  18. Business performance

    Financial information Describing charts and graphs Results and consequences
  19. Grammar

    Future forms and expressing likelihood Will and going to Present continuous Could, may, might, be likely/ unlikely to, be bound to
  20. Case

    Presentation slides Expressions for describing slides and Analysis: presentation slide layout visual aids Language focus: being brief and concise Roleplay: a presentation
  21. Grammar

    Prepositions Time expressions with in, on and at Ago, last, next, yesterday and tomorrow

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