Business English – BEC Higher

Business English – BEC Higher

Business English – BEC Higher

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Show employers that you are ready to engage in business at a high international level!

Take the BEC Higher course of our English school and get one step closer to a career in big international companies! The certificate will open up best positions, the training will increase the level of language proficiency and leverage your confidence!

Cambridge English Certificate: Business Higher

The intensity of the classes shouldn’t be a problem, it is you who chooses the training mode. For those who live far away, have business trips, there is an opportunity to study online. You will be completely involved in the process, have access to cases, training materials. You will gain essential skills in speaking, writing and reading:

  • comfortably reading business media;
  • confident and professional communicative style;
  • be at home with terminology of other business areas;
  • first-hand experience of debates, disputes, negotiations, meetings in English.

The unique program will guarantee you to quickly and permanently memorize words, phrases. You will underscore your best professional qualities, while speaking proper English!


Upper-Intermediate, Advanced


May, 11 – July, 29

Tuesday + Thursday (19.30 – 21.00)

Course Topics

1. International deals and payments 2. Information systems and communication 3. Comparing solutions 4. Writing memos 5. What quality means 6. Emailing: quality problems 7. Managing people and projects 8. Writing reports 9. Case study (Quality) 10. Financial control 11. Financial documents and regulation 12. Reporting and explaining performance 13. Communicating in meetings 14. Setting guidelines 15. Case study (Financial control) 16. Contracts and corporate ethics 17. Negotiating a compromise 18. Assertive writing 20. Selling more 21. Dealing with objections 22. Developing a new business

The cost of educational materials is 800 hryvnias.

ZOOM training

If you do not live in Kiev – join via ZOOM!


As a gift – 4 months of training with an online simulator!


  1. Vocabulary

    Logistics Supply chain Strategic decision stages Reverse logistics
  2. Grammar

    Noun phrases Building noun phrases Defining relative clauses
  3. Case study

    Force field analysis Cleft sentences, Roleplay: presentation of a change management plan
  4. Vocabulary

    Office conflicts Conflict management strategies
  5. Grammar

    Conjunctions Subordinators Coordinators
  6. Speaking activity

    Assertive, aggressive or passive Assertiveness techniques
  7. Vocabulary

    Marketing Collocations with brand Brand strategy Marketing collocations
  8. Grammar

    Prepositions Dependent prepositions Prepositional phrases
  9. Writing

    Business proposals Analysis: structuring a proposal Language focus: reason, purpose and concessive clauses
  10. Case study

    Discussion: ethics of crisis management
  11. Vocabulary

    Risk management and digital risk Describing risk Litigation
  12. Grammar

    Inversion and emphasis Sentence stress Inversion and reformulating Emphatic structures
  13. Writing

    Decision-making tools Grid analysis
  14. Vocabulary

    Forming new words Acronyms and affixes Blending and 'raiding' Combining words

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