Business English, B1

Business English, B1

Business English, B1

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The professional course consists of 3 modules:

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Show employers that you are ready to engage in business at a high international level!

After this course you will be able to confidently communicate in English on the main topics of international business. If you are planning to get a job in a global business or you are already engaged in international projects, this course will give you basic vocabulary, the ability to quickly and professionally compile reports and presentations. You will be able to participate in negotiations much more confidently, because in the classroom we role-play situations that may arise at work. You will be ready for real communication!

The prestige and qualification of studying at our school has been proven by many of our graduates who are now successfully doing business abroad

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Why to choose Business English, B 1:

If you dream to work for big international companies, talk to native English speakers on equal terms, discuss the latest business news in English and be in demand in the business industry market, then this course is for you!

Quickly and at a reasonable price, you will be able to master the necessary skills and feel confident in negotiations or interviews.




10 January – 20 April

Monday + Wednesday (19.30-21.00)

Course Topics
  • Working Life: responsibilities, interests, networking
  • Work-Life balance: work time, work environment
  • Projects: projects vocabulary, progress, delegating and updating
  • Services and Systems: IT applications, comparisons, commenting on figures
  • Customer service: making arrangements, say sorry
  • Guests and Visitors: business travel, cultural differences, entertaining
  • Working online: online security, people management, teleconferencing
  • Finance: budget forecasts, predictions, investments
  • Logistics: placing and handling orders
  • Facilities: place of work, making recommendations
  • Decision Making: negotiations
  • Innovation: superlatives, praising and recognizing
  • Breakdowns: faults, problems, solutions
  • Processes: explaining processes
  • Performance: performance appraisals, setting objectives
  • Стоимость учебных материалов – 450 грн

The cost of educational materials is 450 hryvnias.

ZOOM training

If you do not live in Kiev – join via ZOOM!


As a gift – 4 months of training with an online simulator!

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