Business English at the Weekend

Business English at the Weekend

Business English at the Weekend

Are you busy during the weekdays? Then, this course is for you!

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Get ready for a global career

A global career is closely linked to a high level of English language proficiency. The courses developed by our school are based on the program of the University of Cambridge. The specifics of the business industry, vocabulary and necessary practical skills are taken into account. Our graduates easily start their careers in large companies, run their own projects, easily communicate with colleagues and partners.

What you learn at the course:

It certifies that you have mastered the knowledge needed for:

  • Business correspondence;
  • Negotiation, conflict resolution;
  • Discussion of business news;
  • Professional advice.

After completing the course “Business English – BEC Vantage” you can easily get a prestigious position, be able to expand your business abroad, overcome the language barrier, feel free to reach a new level! You will have access to advanced training courses in English, enrollment to higher education institutions abroad, fluency in business English anywhere in the world!

Why Business English Vantage:

Convenient learning format and individual approach make the process easy and effortless. Soon you will impress colleagues and partners with a perfect knowledge of English.




February 6 – April 24

Saturday (10.00-13.30)

Course topics
  •  Business or Pleasure, Information exchange, People skills: Rapport
  • Voice and Visuals, Problems on the phone, Leading meetings, People skills: Coaching
  • Promoting your Ideas, Relationship Building, Making Decisions, People skills: Stress
  • Emailing, Making an Impact, Out and About, People skills: Delegation
  • Teleconferencing, Negotiating Deals, People Skills: Mediation

The cost of educational materials is 800 hryvnias.

ZOOM training

If you do not live in Kiev – join via ZOOM!


As a gift – 4 months of training with an online simulator!


  1. Information exchange

    Education and career Collocations relating to education and funding Action verbs for CVs Verbs relating to career stages
  2. Problems on the phone

    Comparisons Verbs relating to IT Expressions for giving information
  3. Leading meetings

    Comparing solutions and getting help Comparatives and superlatives Polite requests and responses
  4. Review

    Adjectives relating to quality Collocations relating to quality standards
  5. Promoting your Ideas

    Passive structures and have something done be + past participle (past, present and future tenses; modals) have something done
  6. Making Decisions

    Character descriptions Adjectives for character types Colloquial expressions Project management collocations
  7. Emailing

    Discussion: Attitudes to social media marketing
  8. Review

    Expressions for coaching Roleplay: an interview between a manager and an employee
  9. Making an Impact

    The marketing mix The four Ps, the four Cs, mix coherency and mix dynamics Marketing techniques Marketing collocations
  10. Out and About

    Questions for persuading Question tags Negative questions
  11. Negotiating Deals

    Expressions for communicating in meetings Roleplay: a meeting
  12. Course Summary

    Obligation and permission, inversion can, can't, must, mustn't, have to, don't have to
  13. Test

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