Budgeting Financial English for CFO – Module 1

Budgeting Financial English for CFO – Module 1

Budgeting Financial English for CFO – Module 1

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  • If you wish to get ready for the English programs ACCA, CIMA
  • If you wish to draw up letters of advice and reports in confident English
  • If you wish to take your professional English to the level of Advanced level


  • you can only spend 1 – 1.5 months for study
  • not ready to take the whole course right away

This program is for you

In this module, you will:

  • know the accurate meaning of the terminology of the budget
  • effectively negotiate budget requests and argue variances
  • professionally and briefly draw up letters of advice on budget variances
  • examine video-cases and give an expert opinion on the budget approaches
  • practise vocabulary in online platform
  • properly apply linking word
  • give professional reasoning on budget issues
Language Level



11 January – 02 February

Wednesday (7.30 pm -09.00 pm) + Saturday (1.00 pm -4.30 pm)

  • Budget vocabulary
  • Budget Approaches and Systems
  • Analysis of budget variances
  • Expressing opnions with grammatical tools
  • Persuasive Vocabulary
  • Linking words for reasons and results

Навчання по ZOOM

Якщо Ви живете не в Києві – приєднуйтеся по ZOOM!


У подарунок – 4 місяці занять з онлайн-тренажером! www.finenglish.com.ua


  1. Home budgeting

    Family budget. Budget variances. Work results vocabulary
  2. Letter of consultation

    The structure of the written consultation. Mandatory three elements of the analysis.
  3. Approaches to budgeting

    We analyze and highlight the pros and cons of the "top-down" and "bottom-up" approaches. Linking words - contrast, adding information
  4. Family business case

    Which approach to take? Interesting conversational financial vocabulary. Watching a video, practicing vocabulary, discussing a case

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