Business English – Business Communication Skills

Business English – Business Communication Skills

Business English – Business Communication Skills

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Boost your business communication skills forever: write and speak properly!

If you want to clean up and structure your knowledge of English grammar, this course is ideal for you! In addition, you can immediately apply this new knowledge – in writing business correspondence: letters and reports.

How is the training going?

You get to know a business case and extract the specific English grammar from it. Therefore, if a similar situation occurs at work, you would immediately apply the proper grammatical form of the word, tense, or properly build up the entire sentence.

You study online and you have access to all the materials of the program – cases, business vocabulary and grammar exercises in the online simulator.

What do you study:

  • grammar – all the basics with little nuances that will help polish your knowledge;
  • business cases – the most common situations in business, you boost your confidence and fluency;
  • writing letters and reports;

Classes are fascinating under the guidance and moderation of a highly qualified teacher with an international diploma. You will show your best professional qualities, while speaking proper English!




May 12 – July 28

Monday + Wednesday (19.30 – 21.00)

Course Topics
  1. Making contacts
  2. Small talk
  3. Making and handling calls
  4. Keeping track (checking and clarifying facts and figures)
  5. People skills: Listening
  6. Management scenario: The networking event
  7. Business travel
  8. Making decisions
  9. People skills: Influence
  10. Management scenario: Meetings on the go
  11. Email
  12. Presenting
  13. People skills: Impact
  14. Management scenario: Morale problems
  15. Being heard (meetings)
  16. Solving problems
  17. People skills: Collaboration
  18. Management scenario: Tricky conversations
  19. Telecommunications
  20. Negotiating
  21. People skills: Assertiveness
  22. Management scenario: The difficult customer

ZOOM training

If you do not live in Kiev – join over ZOOM!


As a gift – 2 months of training with an online simulator!


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