Разговорный клуб

Разговорный клуб

Разговорный клуб

для студентов ОСЕННИХ программ FBE School – БЕСПЛАТНО!

Записаться на курс

Кэшбэк от FBE school – Возвращайте деньги за покупку разговорного клуба

Вы забираете сумму всех Ваших покупок разговорного клуба при оплате любого курса в FBE School. Максимальная сумма кэшбэка – 1500 грн (это участие в 15 разговорных клубах).

Разговорный клуб – это общение на самые актуальные темы бизнеса

Вы практикуете именно свой разговорный навык. Вы обсуждаете интересные темы, увеличиваете словарный запас и знакомитесь с интересными собеседниками!

Регистрируйтесь в Speaking Club – обсудим, подкачаем лексику и приятно проведем время!





Каждую пятницу с 18.30 до 20.00


Work-life balance

Is it easy to keep a work-life balance during quarantine? How can it help to avoid job burnout?


Benefits of learning foreign languages

Do you know that language learning helps improve people’s thinking skills and memory abilities? How does it improve your brain as well as advance our career ?


Body language. Importance of non-verbal communication

It’s a well-known fact: only 7 % of communication is verbal, 38 % is paraverbal (tone and intonation) and 55% is non-verbal! Why is it so important for online videoconferencing?


Gamification in business

Gamification drives behaviors and then measures them. What Is gamification, how it works and how It can help businesses ? How gamification can make learning fun?


Effective meetings

25% of people say their schedule is so full of meetings that they have only small pockets of time (or none at all) left to focus on tasks (RescueTime Blog survey). What percentage of time should be spent in effective meetings?


Online etiquette or ‘netiquette’

With so much of our lives online, it is important to consider how online behaviour and choices can have an impact on us, and others. How should you express yourself online, where the written word is all they see?


Why we define ourselves by our jobs

We often see our jobs as a defining detail of who we are, yet too closely tying our identities to work can be dangerous. What can we do about it?


Power of rituals and our wellbeing

Many people are seeking ways to deal with their anxiety during the current pandemic. One way that helps is to institute rituals in your day.


Open offices vs Closed Offices Layout

When it comes to your office, should you go for an open or a closed layout? The answer to this question varies from one business to another.


Mindfulness . Can it make you selfish?

Mindfulness may have many benefits – but the latest research shows it can also make some people more selfish. Iis it really so?


The rise of never-ending job interviews

Google recently examined its past interview data and determined that four interviews was enough to make a hiring decision with 86% confidence. Why are we still experiencing the rise of never-ending job interviews?


Why boses still want us in the office

If the pandemic has taught us anything about work, it’s that we don’t need to be pulling long hours in an office to be productive. So, why is presenteeism still so important?


Overwork culture

Overwork culture is thriving; we think of long hours and constant exhaustion as a marker of success. Given what we know about burnout, why do we do give in?



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