Марина Пархоменко

I would like to express my gratitude to the Financial Business English School team

 Having attended a number of English courses earlier and taken this course then, I do not hesitate to assert that it has proved to be the most intensive one, with a high-performance framework developed, meaning the structure of the course covers both four pillars of English – Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and all-purpose business approach based on a wide range of finance-related subjects.

Therefore by this Letter I’d like to express my deep satisfaction with the program as well as my gratitude and respect to the team of tutors for their excellent teaching, attentive attitude and personalized approach to every student.

My special thanks are due to our supervisor Ms. Elena Pererva whose dedication to what she does, professionalism and enthusiasm coupled with precious ability to create a favorable climate in English classes have been a great encouragement.

Besides the aforesaid I consider it might be vital to mention that even after the course completion I have been receiving a prompt feedback on all my requests from the Financial Business English School what in turn creates a desire to hone my English by establishing enduring relationships with the School.

So, with the view of the foregoing and regardless whether you are the beginner or an old hand at Business English I wholeheartedly recommend taking this course with Business English School and thereafter you will definitely find yourself progressing tremendously.

Yours sincerely,

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