Grammar Upper-Intermediate

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At this very moment a new candidate for the position of Risk Manager______ interviewed
Withdrawals from the current account may be made ______ the total amount of withdrawals at any time shall not exceed the limit.
Motorola’s sales ______ (peak) at over $37B in 2012 and ______ (drop) to less than $27B this year.
The world mostly agrees that something needs to be done about keeping the environment clean. ______, the first stumbling block has been trying to get an agreement on a framework.
The profitability of a company is important and a key ______ of its success
The auditors gave a positive opinion about the company’s financial position. However, in two months the company went bankrupt. Now ______ believe the auditors is going to escape a scandal.
Agricultural business managers usually specialize ______ crops, horticulture or livestock, and these workers may oversee more than one facility.
______ excellent results in 2009, IT industry still faces many challenges.
Agricultural business prepares you for a career as a decision maker ______ will apply business management concepts to agricultural businesses.
After the fire at the factory, the company’s profits ______

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